Thursday, March 4, 2010

Entertainment Gossip from Greece!

Anna Vissi is "Fabulous"!

Anna Vissi puts on an amazing show in Athens last week for the fans of Love Radio. Looking better than ever, no one would ever guess the Greek Madonna was 52 years old. Anna tells reporters at the concert that she stays in shape by working out every day of the week, and taking 2 or 3 of those days concentrating on legs. About being in love, Anna says that her only love right now is her amazing daughter Sophia and her current concert show Fabulous.
Elena Paparizou returns!

Elena Paparizou returns to the Greek music scene with a new full album of 12 songs. This is her first full CD release in quite some time and has been much anticipated. The first single from the CD has been released “An Isoun Agapi”(and can be heard on This song has already claimed its place at the top of the music charts and in the hearts of her fans! Elena is going on tour with Onirama and will be promoting her new CD. She hopes to finish her tour by June. We are so happy to have her back!
"Dancing with the Stars" comes to Greece!

“Dancing with the Stars” goes to Greece! The dancing show we all love will now be in Greece with all our favorite Greek celebrities. The host of the show will be Zeta Makripoulia. The judges who have been named so far are Fokas Evangelos, Alexis Kostalas, and Gkalena Velikoka. There is still one judge who needs to be chosen, as well as the celebrities who will partake in the dancing portion. Can’t wait to see which celebrities will make the show!

Greek commercial broadcaster Antenna is due to produce The series will air in a primetime slot in March 2010.

Dancing is an international phenomenon having been licensed to more than 30 countries around the world and viewed in more than 75 countries worldwide and, the phenomenal format shows no sign of slowing down.

"Greece is just one of a number of new territories we are talking to about licensing this phenomenal format. Every country, including Greece, has a great culture of dancing and music which makes this format adaptable to any market. There are plenty more countries which are yet to enjoy the dazzling delights of Dancing." Dancing with the Stars is also an official record breaker after the Guinness Book of World Records announced it as the world's most successful reality TV format.

Katerina Karavatou wedding bells!
Katerina Karavatou, host of “Kous Kous to Mesimeri” and her soon to be husband Krateros Katsoulis of “Omorfos Kosmos to Proi”, have been discussing their wedding plans. Katerina wants a very small and simple wedding with a plain wedding gown and a closed ceremony. It seems a little hypocritical for them to have a closed ceremony (no cameras or news crews around) since their daily lives and jobs are informing the public about all celebrity news and gossip. It only seems fair that they share their special day and moments with all of us! Be on the lookout for this wedding to happen soon, Katerina wants a winter wedding in 2010, and both Katerina and Kratero want children very soon to follow the wedding! We wish them both much happiness in their life together!

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